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Game Report - Agents starts off 19/20 season with solid win




Saturday sep 21 2019, Amersfoort


11 -4 win for Agents

Lineup of the day

Goal: Tom (Joel on the side)

Defense: Peter, Jasper, Kerry, Helvijs

Attack: Ulrik,Emil, Joonas, Kerry, Jeroen, Tino, Remko, Jurgen, Ville



The first game of the season, finally we are on our way to the glorious title!

Since, unfortunetaly, noone from the star-giving commitee was present - there will be no summary given for this victory. Although there willl be randomly stars given out based on... something.


1 star: Tom "the Hybrid" Piggott

The goalie is the heart of any floorball-team - without a good goalie, titels wont be won. Tom did a solid work in goal this day which earns him a star. Congrats bro.

2 stars: Tino Väntolainen

Agents finnish hard-working runner Tino gets the 2 stars of the game. Scoring 3 goals along with a tremendous work defensively (not confirmed). We are blessed to have you in Agents another season!

3 stars: Kerry Murphy.

Its normsla for any human to be nervous the first game of the season. But Kerry is no human, hes a floorball-god. Scoring 3 goals in the opening game is just.. remarkable! Your summer-training has really worked out for you - which everyone can clearly see. Well done Kip-Kerry!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

A better summary of the game on the blog for next time!



Kerry Murphy 3+0

Remko de Bruin 2+1

Tino Vanhanen 3+0

Jeroen van Rijsselt 1+1

Joonas Villanen 0+2

Ville Lehtonen 1+1

Emil Romare 1+0

Jurgen Polling 0+1

Ulrik Jonsson 0+1

Own goal 1+0

Helvijs Sobris 0+0

Jasper Meijer 0+0

Peter Halket 0+0


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