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FB Agents 1 vs. Utrecht, 8-4




Saturday sep 5 2020, Amsterdam


8 -4 win for Agents

Lineup of the day

Goal: Joel

Defense: Jonas-Joonas-Peter, Jasper-Thomas

Centers: Jeroen -Tobi

Attack: Jörgen-Emil, Ulrik-Remko

Audience: Jonsson Family, T van Rijselt, the janitor and some few random people



After a long, long break Agents invited Utrecht 1 for a friendly pre-season game. They said Yes! And we played. A fun game in our home-arena of Oostenburgerhal in front of a total of 5-10 people in the audience. A great game of fun, practice and floorball that ended with a 8-4 win for Agents.

1st period.

Agents went out on the field like Covid-19 never existed. Hungry, excited, smart, fun, smiling, passing, shooting, fighting for every ball. Swedish rightwinger Emil Romare did an amazing 3 goals in a row with someone else doing a 4th (due to lack of stats we dont remember who) going to the break with a 4-0 lead (could have been 4-1 but who cares?). Absolutely AMAZING period from Agents. Ongelofelijk. Schitterend. Heel goed. Niet slecht.

2nd period.

Utrecht stepped up a bit this period not giving Agents too many chances but Agents still managed to score a few more (lets say 3 more?) After the period was over the score was about 7-3. Worth to mention was goalie Joels performance. Basically stopped EVERYTHING. Bedankt man.

3rd period.

Game went on. A few 2-minutes. A few goals. A few mispasses. A few freeshots. Thats about it. Game ended 8-4 to Agents. A well deserved win. Thanks Utrecht for joining, see you december 19.


1 star: Emil Romare

A hattrick usually gives 3 stars. But with Emil - we are so used to it. That's why he only gets one star. Well played mannen. If you were only as good at golf as you are at floorball...

2 stars: Joel De Groot Iziunga

Solid performance. Especially when Utrecht picked up their game in the 2nd period. Could have been an exciting game but you prevented that from happening. And thanks for always bringing the music to the game. I'm sure everyone likes the Agents playlist before the game.

3 stars: Henry from Groningen

A good referee is the key for every floorballgame. In a friendly game it might be hard to find a good ref. But we did. We found the best. Henry from Groningen. Driving (or taking the NS , anyone knows?) all the way from Groningen to Amsterdam to ref a game. Thanks a lot for the effort - Agents love you!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Penaltyshots. Only 1-star guy Emil scored his penalty.. Embarassing jonges...



Ulrik Jonsson 1 + 0

Thomas Unclear Lastname 0 + 0

Tobias Ahlqvist 1 + 0

Jurgen Polling 0 + 0

Jasper Meijer 0 + 0

Jonas Valkyrucik 3 + 0 Emil Romare 3 + 0

Joonas Villanen 0 + 0

Remko de Bruin 0 + 0

Jeroen v Rijselt 0 + 0

*Assists not included


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