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UFC Groningen 1 - Agents | 9-13




Saturday nov 30 2019, Groningen


13 -9 win for Agents

Lineup of the day

Goal: Joel

Defense: Emil-Helvijs, Jasper-Johannes

Centers: Jeroen -Tobi

Attack: Ulrik-Tino, Ville-Remko, Jurgen-Joonas



UFC Groningen, the most important team to beat this year in order to reach the finals, was the opponent this Saturday in november. Agents decided to rent a black party bus from NedCars (possible sponsor?) and drive up to the capital of the north of the Netherlands, the vibrant and cultural city of Groningen. Luckily we did not encounter any earthquakes this day, a quite common phenomena in this exotic part of Holland.

Groningen only lost with 3 goals to giant Utrecht a few weeks ago, which really made Agents realize beforehand the obvious fact - this was NOT going to be an easy game. Especially with the Finnish star number 51 in their team, we had to give 110 % every second of the game.

1st period.

Already in the first shift Ulrik scored 1-0 with some help from Groningen defence, an incredible start and exactly what we needed. But it didn't take long for Groningen to come back equalising a few minutes later. At the end of the period the score was 3-3 and the feeling was that this game could ge anywhere...

2nd period.

The 2nd period continued in a similar manner each team scoring 1 goal and the other equalising. No. 51, one of the most skilful players in dutch floorball history, probably played 90 % of the time, keeping Agents centers and defence busy all the time. Creds to Groningen for keeping such a high tempo with only 8 field players available. Worth to mention furthermore is Johannes beautiful penalty shot in the period. The score was 6-5 to Groningen at the end of the period.

3rd period.

The period where everything was going to be decided. Ulrik did some tactical changes for this period, and then started off by scoring himself the so important 6-6 goal. The game continued in the same way up until the score was 7-7, a goal Tobi scored after a perfect pass by "pass-on-the-blade-Ville". After that, Agents let "alle remmen los" and starting playing out their "whole register" ("hela registret"). Agents started scoring from all over and by everyone, playing a beautiful tiki-taka-floorball ala Spain 2010. The game ended in a 13-9 win against a very tired and hard fighting Groningen - a very welcoming win! We want to say THANK YOU Groningen for a very fun, sportive and exciting game - we are looking forward to more of these games in the future!


1 star: Remko de Bruin

2 goals and 1 assist against this difficult opponent where your brother normally would play, that's impressive. Remko did a solid performance being at the right spot at the right moment, a crucial feature of any top-level floorball player.

2 stars: Ulrik Jonsson

Ulrik did a great game, both on and off field. Scoring a total of 4 goals together with one assist is in itself remarkable. But what we value even more is his extremely hard work giving a 100 % also in defence. He really made a difference in this game, but also off the field where he did great tactical changes and really made Agents execute a perfect third period. You got the brains bro!

3 stars: J. Matsson

The swedish defender aka. penalty-shot taker scored an amazing 4 goals this lovely afternoon. Thanks to Johannes, we were never more than 1 goal behind which, according to analysts, was a major reason that Agents manage to pull this win off. Rumours say though, he has a secret love of icehockey which is a bit worrying. Agents require all their players to be 100 % pro-floorball. Let's look into this deeper, stars could be reversed...

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Joels gloves.. next game, make sure the ball doesnt stick too much on the gloves leading to Joel throwing the ball straight off the field.



Ulrik Jonsson 4 + 1

Ville Lehtonen 1 + 3

Tobias Ahlqvist 1 + 0

Jurgen Polling 0 + 1

Jasper Meijer 0 + 1

Tino Vanhanen 0 + 0

J. Matsson 4 + 1

Helvijs Sobris 0 + 0 Emil Romare 0 + 0

Joonas Villanen 0 + 0

Remko de Bruin 2 + 1

Jeroen v Rijselt 1 + 2


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