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It doesn’t matter if you just want to try out floorball or are a very experienced player. We are always looking for new players to join our fantastic floorball club in Amsterdam. For next season we will have plenty of space as we have the ambition to start with a 3rd mens team! But also for the ladies we're still looking for extra players. Send us a message in the form below or send us an email if you want to join practice or have any questions. Please let us know whether you want to attend our Thursday training (if you are a beginner) or Monday training (if you know how to play) and try it how you like it. Once you visit a training, you can come for three weeks in a row after your trial period ends.

Please note that there will be a selection of players based on level for joining the competition.

Weekly team trainings on Monday (advanced)

Weekly trainings on Thursday (beginners or advanced)

Competition (mixed on small field or men/women on large field)

Parties and events

Once a year we organize one of the largest floorball tournaments in the world (Amsterdamned)

Agents team outfit (2 shirts, short, socks; only needed when you play competition)

Fees for the 23/24 season: 

Adults full year (training & competition): € 450 (1st men's team), €400 (other teams)

Adults full year (only training): € 250

Adults half year (only training): € 125

Youth full year: € 250

Youth half year: € 135

Download general information for new members (adults)

Join Agents! Leave your info below. 

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