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Never seen a floorball stick in your life? Or you’ve played for the Swedish National Team?

We have a training for everyone. Each year we welcome many people who try out floorball for the first time where at the same time we welcome top players with years of floorball experience (from all the floorball countries in the world).

Want to join Agents or just try out floorball? Send us a message, we have sticks for you to borrow. If the level is too low or if you want to practice more often - you are welcome to join other trainings as well. Up to 3 trainings are free of charge - after that you can choose to become an Agents member. Questions? Just send us a message!

Monday training

Advanced (team members)

Mondays 20.30-22.30

Small field (1st hour)

Big Field (2nd hour)

Thursday training

2nd men's team and ladies

Thursdays 19:30-20.45

Sporthal Bajeskwartier

Big field

Thursday training

1st men's team

Thursdays 20.45-22:00

Sporthal Bajeskwartier

Big field

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