If you are Dutch, there is a good chance you’ve never heard of floorball (or unihockey as it was called before in Holland). In most icehockey countries floorball however is a famous and steadily growing sport. Sweden is the absolute top country in number of players and floorball is there the second most played sport. Other top countries are Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic who compete each year for the World Champions Title (one year the women; the other year the men).

Floorball is best described as icehockey without ice or indoor fieldhockey but then much faster. You run with shoes in an indoor sporting hall (like indoor hockey) but the field is surrounded by a rink and you can play behind the goal (like icehockey). Due to the ultralight ball and carbon-fibre sticks the ball tempo is incredibly high and the speed of the game for sure is the main reason of its success. The game has hardly any rules (or rules are aimed to keep the sport fast, fair and safe) and with the rink around the field the ball is prevented from going out too quickly causing the game to hardly ever stop.

Due to the light stick and ball, it’s a sport which you can pick up quiet fast (already on your first training you will be able to join the training games), but you can continue improving until national team level. Also at the Agents we have quiet some (ex)national team players still playing for our first team.

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