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UFC Groningen 1 vs. FB Agents 1 | 5-17




Saturday sep 21 2020, Groningen


17 -5 win for Agents

Lineup of the day

Goal: Jasper (stand in - great job)

Defense: TjeckJonas-Joonas-Thomas

Centers: Jeroen -Tobi

Attack: Jörgen-Emil, Ulrik-Arpi

Audience: 17 000 tickets sold. Noone could show up #fuckcorona



Season start! Finally!

The first game of the season was an early morning game against Groningen where Agents came out on top with a solid 5-17 win. What a great start of the season. A special THANKS to goalie of the day Jasper Meijer who bravely acted as a stand in goalie in the abscence of both Joel and Tom. A well performed game by Agents which hopefully will set the tone for the rest of the season.

1st period.

1st period started out well with a 2-0 lead after only a few minutes. Due to sloppy defence from Agents and well-performed counter attacks from Groningen it was a quite tight period. Agents went to the break with only a 3-2 lead.

2nd period.

2nd period went on in a similar manner. A few good attacks where Agents scored but also some great counter attacks from Groningen who punished the Agents mistakes in a good way. The period ended with a 8-5 lead for Agents - not a very comfortable situation but we all knew we could do better.

3rd period.

3rd period - when Agents starting playing out. Rolling the ball around, fewer mistakes, nice passes - a more controlled period where Agents scored a total of 9 goals versus 0 for Groningen who also got tired. By far the best period from Agents winning comfortable with 17-5.


1 star: Arpi Illyes

When Agents scouts did their yearly tour this summer to find new players they did a long stop in Hungary. We all wondered why. Now we know. Because this Hungarian draft is one of a kind. A great asset for Agents which could be seen directly in his first game in the Agents shirt. Compassionate, precise, team-player - Arpi did an amazing first game. Thanks for joining Agents Arpi!

2 stars: Thomas Tesla Lundell

The coach chose to take in a "new-old" player for this year - Thomas Tesla Lundell. A genius move. Thomas brought energy AND experience into this game. Even though he hasnt played a professional game since the 04/05 season - it was like hes never been away. Great defensive game from Thomas mixed with some surprise attacks that put the opponents in fear.

3 stars: Jasper Cillesen-Meijer

Just like Louis Van Gaal chose to take out Jasper Cillisen in the World Cup shootouts for Holland against Costa Rica 2014 - coach Ulrik Jonsson chose to put IN Jasper Meijer in the season opening of the 20/21 season eerdedivisie. floorball The similarities are too much alike to be a coincidence. Van Gaal and Jonsson are both known to be two of the most genius coaches every in sports - thats for sure.

Anyways - our Jasper did a great game defending Agents against this difficult opponent stopping numerous difficult shots from the opponents. 3 stars Jasper - gefiliciteerd!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

We cant just rely on Johannes bringing chocolate for the breaks, someone has to step up when he's not around. OK?



17 goals is too much guys, check the nefub site for the stats...


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