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News from Goirle: Agents winningstreak continues


When: Saturday march 30th 2019, 14.00 in de gezellige city of Goirle.

Result: 15 -2 win for Agents against Blue Falcons

Lineup of the day:

Goal: Tom first 30 mins, Joel last 30

Defense: Jasper -Joonas - Sami

Attack: Marian-Tobi-Ulle, Tino-Kerry-Jeroen

Lasse and Pelle on the side eating candy



Agents were very happy when they found out that they finally would play a league game in the pitorosque city of Goirle south of TIlburg. Goirle - an upcoming city in Floorball - which was part of the NEFUB decision do have a gameday in this beautiful place with a great hall and a nice looking bar. As part of the Agents goal of beeing completely emission free by 2030 - we chose to rent a van going together to Goirle minimizing the impact on nature - a very beautiful and good decision by good ol Kip-Kerry Murphy. The trip was great, Joonas made a perfect drive (with exception for a small hickup ad Amsterdam RAI not getting the car started) taking members safely to Goirle in good time. Thanks Joonas and Kerry.

So enough of that - lets move on to the game:

1st period. Coach Sami did some changes for this game only using 3 defenders to get playing-time up. This new tactic took some time to get adjusted to for Agents- leading to 1st period not beeing the best one. Agents let Blue Falcons perform some very dangerous attacks - not optimal at all. Fortunetealy our 2nd line stars, Ulrik and Marian, did one goal each during the first period whileas Blue Falcons scoring 1 during the period. Coach Sami took the team back to the dressingroom having a small talk about attituide, helping each other, passing the ball, shooting on goal, drinking water when thristy - all the basic things which was exactly what Agents needed.

2nd period Agents came out as a different team creating lots of chances and stepping up their defense avsevärt. Agents scored some beautiful goals by different players ending the period with a 8-2 lead. Coach Sami also chose to switch goalie after half of the period letting Joel guard. Worth to notice is that Marian "Jagr" Baloga completed his hattrick during this period - his first hattrick as a father.

3rd period moved on in a very comfortable manner for Agents scoring another 7 goals in total leading to a end-score of 15-2. Worth to mention during the 3rd period is a spectacular goal from Agents star J. van Rijselt making a so-called Zorro from behind the goal - first one from Agents during the season. A good atmospehere in the group, rolling the ball around from offense to defense charactirased the period - a safe and confident play from Agents - well done!

Sidenote: this was the first game in the 18/19 Agents season where there were NO penalities what so ever from any side. If a reason for this was due to the fact of Emil not being present is unclear.


1 star:

Joonas Villanen. A giant in defense and a great driver - not many people have BOTH of these skills! Great backchecking, gearing up from 4th to 5th gear when needed (or was the car was automatic?), always fighting 100 % on the field, using blinkers when switching lane, never giving up, locking the door when stopping. Absolutely amazing! Moving a volkswagen van all the way from Amsterdam to Goirle and at the same time VOLUNTEERING to drive to all away-games for the next season for Agents is just such a beautiful thing to do Joonas. We cant wait to ride/play with you again - our Agents designated driver. Thanks Joonas - enjoy your star!

2 stars:

J. van Rijselt. This kid got some stars a few games ago due to his dribbeling skills - today he took it one step further performing a complete floorball-Zorro-goal (not confirmed.). Like a 1080 on snowboard. Like a hole in one in golf. Like a 10.0 in gymnastics. It must be a dream coming true for Jeroen. The people that saw it said it was amazing (The blog-commity didnt see it though but - therefore not confirmed)

3 stars:

Mr. Hattrick Jagr Baloga. Marian did an outstanding hattrick in this game which itself guarantees 3 stars. If the audience would have worn hats, they would have definently be thrown onto the field NHL-style. But Floorball in Holland is not there. Yet. It is great to have you back on the field and also great news to hear you will be available at both finals later in may making sure to have a healthy floorball/family balance. Well played Marian and celebrate your stars by opening up a Staropramen in your Škoda tonight! (But dont forget practice tomorrow, 20.30 sharp!!!) Ok see you, have fun.

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

For you guys that are beeing picked up at RAI - can you please dont wait at the busstop next time? Its not nice for the car to stop there. Use your head.



Marian 3+2

Ulle 3+1

Tino 2+3

Jeroen 2+1

Sami 2+1

Kerry 2+0

Tobi 1+1 Jasper 0+1

Joonas 0+0


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