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BREAKING News: Agents reach final after 12-4 win against UFC Groningen


When: Saturday march 23th 2019, 12.45 in Utrecht.

Result: 12-4 win for Agents against Groningen 1, Agents reach final

Lineup of the day:

Goal: Joel

Defense: Jasper -Joonas, Kerry,-Johannes

Attack: Emil-Tobi-Ulle, Tino-Jurgen-Jeroen

Tom on the side. A sick Sami giving instructions and doing 1 (one?) shift.



Groningen 1 really made a push in the 18/19 season, presenting a very good team for this year which Agents sadly experinced a month ago loosing suprisingly to Groningen in the league. In the official Beker Cup drawing which was made in front of tons or journalists in the NEFUB headquarters (see video here) the floorball world was happy to see that these teams would meet again in the semifinal of the cup. Groningen 1 vs. FB Agents was played march 23rd in the classical Utrechthall on the 3rd Verdiepieng. And Agents would "turn the steak" and come out on top with a comfortable 12-4 win reaching the dream-final against Utrecht 1 which will be played in may in Amsterdam.

1st period. Coach Sami, who got cough by the flu had due to security reason be out this important game which led to Joonas Villannen, an Agents univerisity draft from the season 17/18, pairing a defenseline with Jasper. And they completely shut Groningen out togehter with the other defense pair of Kerry -Johannes. Not did they only leave no room for Groningen attacks (mostly from their great finnish center constantly being a threat) but they also did an incredible offensive work. Defender Johannes (I repeat DEFENDER) did no more than 3 extremely beautiful (not confirmed) goals during this period, together with a goal from Tobi, one from Emil, one from Tino and one from Jurgen giving Agents a comfortable 7-0 lead after the first period. A great first period again just like the Utrecht game last weekend.

2nd period. Both Agents and Groningen need to apologize to the audience for this period. Absoluteltly NOTHING happend except for Sami doing a shift. OH yeah, and Groningen scored a goal in the end of the period. Really boring, lets move on.

3rd period. Both teams stepped up here scoring goals on both sides. Notably Johannes scoring another couple of goals, but what really stood out are the three beauties delivered during this period. First, we have to give cred to Groningen finnish center star who completely tricked the whole team of Agents scoring a beautiful goal. Or as Emil concluded after them game, Agents were "buying hotdogs" (swedish expressions, please Google it up). Secondly the amazing goal from Agents LD, Jasper. Jasper brings up the ball on the left side on his own - looks left-looks right-smiles to the audience - and puts it in the upper right hand side of the goal - beautiful is only the forename. Thirdly, the other defender Joonas does exactly the same thing put from the other side completely copying Jasper. These two defenders did an awesome job throughout the whole game.


1 star:

Kerry Murphy, LD line 2. This season, Kerry has developed to be a stable defender also able to join in offensive, creating a whole new dimension in the game of Agents. He is also becoming a master in free shots giving Johannes the most smart pass ever making Johannes scoring another one. Congrats to your 1 🌟.

2 stars:

The 2 stars of the game need to be a shared one between the defense-couple Joonas and Jasper. The star giving committee spent hours trying to see which one of their goals was the more beautiful one, but it is impossible. They were both beyond what people thought was possible on a floorball team. Amazing, marvelous, nice, incredible, cool, fantastic - we don't know what superlatives to use anymore for these 2 beauties!

3 stars:

A basic rule in every team sport is that an attacker should score. A goalie should stop shots. A coach should give directives. A defender should defend... Wait, what? A defender should defend AND not attack? Well, Johannes Matsson is more than a normal floorball player. He goes outside the box, walks the extra mile, runs the extra run. A defender who does a perfect defensive job AND scores no less than 5 goals! That deserves 3 star. Well done our super Swede!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Is cancelled this time and switched for a Tip van de dag!

Tip van de dag

Thanks to Tino we now know how to turn on the showers in the Utrecht hall. USE THE KNUCKLE. No one knows why, but it actually works (confirmed)! Many thanks Tino, this tip is worth more than any performance in the field!




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