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Mens Agents wins against Sonics with 11-1


When: Dull january Saturday morning in Utrecht on ground (!) floor

Result: Easy 11-1 win for Agents against Sonics

Lineup of the day:

Joel in goal. Sami, Joonas, Jasper, Kerry, Johannes, Jeroen, Thomas, Tobi, Ulle, Jurgen, Merten, Tino

Summary of the game:

Being completely surprised (ok it was in the playerlineup, but who reads that??) Agents had to play on the first floor with orange floor on this early morning saturday game against Sonics. After the shock had settled, Agents went out and set the tone directly. After only 17 seconds our season 17/18 draft Tino Vaainhaanäänen scored the first - the fastest goal in Nefub history (not confirmed). The first period went on quite comfortable although the crowd expected even more goals than the total of 3 goals that were made during the period (2-0 by Ulle?, 3-0 by Thomas?). Agents had a good talk in the locker room eating bananas and chocolate (thanks Johannes for your generosity) - and went out for the second period.

Second period went on the same way as the first, Agents improving the defense even more thanks to our tactical mastermind Sami. Unfortunately we had a small setback when Jurgen got tackled in a not-friendly manner in the back being pushed over the boarding leading to some back pain. Due to Jurgens small injury Agents had to do some small changes, but being the agile team we are we quickly adapted to the new circumstances scoring another 3 goals in the second period (4-0 by Ulle, 5-0 by Tobi and 6-0 by Thomas).

3rd period carried on in a similar way although maybe a bit more chaotic since Sonics were trying all they could to turn this 6-0 result into a win. Not really sure if they were close. Agents were knife-edge-sharpe (direct translate from a swedish expression) by the goal scoring a total of 5 goals in the 3rd period, and the unfortunate 1 goal in the back. The period consisted of 2 goals from Thomas, 2 from Tobi and 1 from Ulle. Another great win from Agents and we now focus on next week important cup-game against TIlburg - be there or be square. Over and out.

3 stars:

The amazing cooperation between Sami and Thomas on the 6-0 (?) goal. From nowhere Sami plays a perfect pass from defense through the whole disorganized defense of Sonics setting Thomas completely free with the goalie. Being the star he is - Thomas obviously does not do any mistakes and scores another important goal for Agents. Rumours say even the opponents applaused this extraordinary performance (not confirmed)

2 stars:

Boxplay from Agents. Two very cheap penalities from Agents left us boxplaying for four minutes which normally would lead to goals against. Also today? Not a chance! Agents extreme tight, well-organized, hard fighting and smart defense left no room for Sonics getting even close to score. “Hatten av” - as we would say in swedish.

1 star:

Our own safety guard, our always stable, never (almost) mistaking goalie Joel. Although Sonics had quite a few chances Joel only made them cheer once (which they really did the one time they scored...). Agents would be nothing without you Joel!

Disappointment of the day:

The showers in the Utrecht hall. Why are they so hard to turn on?


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