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How to practice at home - Tips & Tricks from Jonas

Now that trainings stopped for a while, we've asked youth trainer and first team player Jonas some tips and tricks on how to stay fit and improve your floorball skills from your very own home.

There is no need for a big space, not even for a good surface. A carpet is also fine, all you need is a stick and a ball…

Everything you do with the stick makes you better!

What to focus on:

  • Proper hold of the stick is key to allow yourself to improve!

  • Hold your body straight, get lower by using your legs

  • Always imagine an in-game situation!

  • If you have any doubts or want some inspiration, go to Youtube and just look up floorball (highlights, skills, etc.)

1. Dribble:

a. train dribbling, both hockey and floorball one.

b. Move as much as you can while dribbling (no need to run, but move), step right, step left, spin, whatever.

2. Jog with the ball:

a. Learn to lift the ball up on the blade

b. Learn to throw it up and catch it

3. Pass the wall:

a. You don’t need another player to practice passing, just a wall is enough!

b. Focus on the technique – first back with the ball, than in front and pass

c. Start slower, build up skill and speed.

4. Tennis:

a. Play tennis against a wall

b. Count your hits, compete with others :D

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