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It is time for Amsterdam!


EDIT May 10th: As noone could have missed, our sisterclub Ajax unfortunately did not make it to the finals this year - which makes it even more important for you to come watch the Agents play the final may 18th!


No-one could have missed the recent success and the rise of sports in Amsterdam. It is now by many considered to be the “sports-capital” of Europe with the great successes of its many teams.

We are NOT ONLY talking about the successful season of Amsterdam Agents reaching the finals in the prestigious beker-cup (floorball) against UFC Utrecht May 18th - but ALSO successes by our sisterclub, Ajax Amsterdam, playing for a spot in the final in the Men’s Champions League in football. Agents members will closely watch and follow the successes of our brothers in Ajax and hope they will reach the final - just like the Agents already did in floorball. Good Luck Ajax!

Although there might be difficulties getting tickets to watch Ajax semifinal live at Johan Cruyff Arena, there are luckily STILL tickets available for the cup-final for Agents May 18th. Agents chose, this year, to not place the final at Johan Cruyff Arena but at the classical venue of Sporthallen Zuid. A better location, more history in it and a more personal touch than the Johan Cruyff Arena. A genius decision.

So DO NOT miss the opportunity to miss this sparkling event - drop by and for FREE and take the chance to watch some world-class level floorball LIVE @ Zuidhallen.


When: Saturday 18th May 17.00

What: Floorball Cup-final 2019.

Who: Amsterdam Agents vs. UFC Utrecht


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