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General Membership Meeting 2019


We hope all of you are enjoying the holidays and are getting in shape for the new season! We (the board) have definitely been working hard so please note  the following things:  

General membership meeting

We will host the next general membership meeting on Thursday the 29th of August, start time 20:30. Location will be announced later. Please join us, you'll get the latest status update of the club, we will set the membership fee for next season together and afterwards we can have some drinks to open the season!

Note - the location will probably be a bit bigger than before as all parents of the youth players are also invited for this edition. 

Board members wanted

You could also experience the membership meeting from the other side of the table if you want to, as we are looking for 2 new board members! The club keeps on growing (both in adults and youth) and therefore we could use some more great people to help us out. What we can offer you:

  • Fun (at least once a month during our board meeting, but actually a lot more often)

  • Prestige (you'll be part of THE board)

  • Purpose (help the Agents thrive even more, both in youth and adults)All of this should not take more than 2 hours per week on average.

After this crazy salespitch, please let us know whether you want to sign up as soon as possible! See you all end of August at the membership meeting. The Board Emma, Saskia, Emil, Tobias, Jasper

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