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Gamereport: Agents - Utrecht 1, 9-7


When: Saturday march 16th 2019, 17.45 in Utrecht

Result: 9-7 win for Agents against Utrecht 1

Lineup of the day: Tom in goal 1st and 2nd period, Joel in the third

Sami, Joonas, Jasper, Kerry, Johannes

Emil, Tobi, Ulle, Tino, Jurgen, Jeroen, Marian

Thomas giving great instructions from the side (not playing due to injury)

The former checz Agents star Jan Falbr cheering from the side.



FC Utrecht. The giant in the dutch floorball, the winner of the 2018 beker cup and league. Undefeated in 2019. The beast, the unbeatable, the impossible. Who would have thought FB Agents would have any chance against this monster? Well - Agents believed in it themselves, and BAM - this late saturday evening game in Utrecht ended with an Agents victory. Congrats to the audience that was watching this specatcle - something to tell yuor grandchildren in the future!

1st period. The beginning is ususally not the strongest part for Agents. We sadly remember the Groningen games where Agents let in several goals early in the game. Today was the opposite. Already in the first shift the line of Sami, Jasper, Jeroen, Tino and Jurgen took commando and ended the shift with getting a freeshot 3 meters from goal. A quick wissel, send the old man in, and a few seconds later 1-0 to Agents. Tobi - quick pass - ulrik - dont think just shoot - 1-0. What a start! 15 seconds later - Ulle gets the ball on the left side and does 2-0 in the same shift. Absolutely incredible. The period continued the same way with goals from Jurgen, Tobi, Kerry and Jeroen and after the end of the period the result was 6-1 for Agents. Never in history (or at least this season...) Agents had such a good period. Absolutely fabolous. This combined with a great period from Tom doing some monumental saves definently contributing to this period aswell.

2nd period was a bit of a different story. A period full of penalities from both sides and a very unstable period where Utrecht definently came back scoring a total of 5 goals ending the period in total 7-6 for Agents after a goal from Ulrik after a beautiful pass from Marian (his first touch in the game, incredible). Worth to mention is that Utrecht here scored with 3 (I repeat, 3/three/tres/tre/drie/hyvää) players on the field. Creds to Utrecht for that but Agents should be able to defend better...

Period 3 was the nervous one. Ulrik did a great job catching the ball from a sloppy Utrecht defense serving Tobi who could do 8-6 in an open goal, leading to Utrecht doing 8-7 a few minutes later. The last half was very nervous and tense - our goalie Joel did a great job coming in in the third period doing some great saves. 17.40 into the 3rd Jeroen ended the game with scoring a beautiful 9-7 and the "win was in the dock"! Congrats Agents!


1 star:

Marian "Jagr" Baloga. Marian, playing only his second game this season, came in in the second period and directly took commando. A great pass to Ulrik that was so unselfish Ulrik even had to shake hands with Marian giving the pass. What a gentleman and what a star. The remaining time he played as he never was gone. Calm stable, relaxed (lets forget about the penalty..), mature, friendly, good-looking. Marian - tell your kid about this game one day, promise us this!

2 stars:

Jurgen "the Politician" Polling. Jurgen, a native dutch guy being brought up in the world of field-hockey grabbed his first floorballstick only a couple of years ago. And we are SO grateful he did. The way Jurgen plays should be educated to the kids who will be the stars in the future. Hes smart, he stands on the right positon, he make goals. Great job Jurgen and thanks. And also thanks to your kapper doing a great job with your hair - you looked absolutely amazing out there .

3 stars:

Ulrik "the machine" Jonsson. The founder of dutch floorball. When Ulrik started playing floorball in the Netherlands most of you werent born yet. He made this sport what it is today in Holland, for that we are eternally grateful. But, whats amazing about Ulrik is his ability to, year after year after year after year after year after year, scoring important goals in important games. It is not even surprising Ulrik was the top point scorer this game - we are so used to this machine scoring and assisting all the time. Ulrik, please stay in the team another 45 years - we are sure you can do it. One day we will put yuor floorball shirt in the ceiling of the Oostenburgerhal to honour your contribution to the Agents.

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Boxplay/Powerplay. This still needs to be better for the Agents which could really be seen during the second period. Back to the drawingtable Agents!



Ulle 3+2

Tobi 2+2

Jeroen 2+0

Kerry 1+1

Jurgen 1+0

Tino 0+1

Marian 0+1

Jasper 0+1

Sami 0+0

Emil 0+0

Johannes 0+0

Joonas 0+0


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