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Matchreport: Agents - Messed Up 11-1


When: Saturday jan 26th 2019, 17.15 in Den Haag

Result: 11-1 win for Agents against Messed Up 1

Lineup of the day: Tom in goal, Joel as a backup (not taking pictures this time?), Sami, Joonas, Jasper, Kerry, Jonas (from now on called Jo after internal request), Jeroen, Thomas, Tobi, Ulle, Jurgen, Merten, Johannes.



Sometimes the easiest games can turn out to be one of the hardest. This is something that was very true in this saturday afternoon game against Messed Up 1. Messed Up 1, being last on the league with 0 points should be a walk in the park for the well-oiled machine called the Agents. My god, we were wrong.

1st period, also known as the worst period in Agents history, was a disaster. Or as coach Sami would say: pathetic! Agents did not move, did bad passing, horrible shooting, not helping each other - very sad to see. The period only had one good thing - coach Samis incredible slapshot from distance right up in the corner of the goal. The rest was a disastaster. Agents went out to the locker room with only a 1-0 lead.

Once in the lockerroom coach Sami threw a motivational/angry/impolite speech. Exactly what we needed. Agents started to step up.

Unfortunately the van Rijsselt brothers simultaneously had to sit out the 2nd period due to sickness/health problems. (There are suspicions they had a crazy van Rijsselt family party last night which was the real reason..? )

Anyways - second period Agents stepped up scoring a total of 8 goals and 1 against. Agents started to have fun again and executing the tactics learned at practice. Our comeback kid Jasper, this game playing a full 3 periods, did a great performance scoring twice and with one assist.

Third period was quite dull - Agents scoring only twice leading to a final score of 11-1 for Agents. A quite bad performance from Agents - but still a win. In the long run its about winning games and not always playing beautiful. This was exactly the case this afternoon against Messed Up 1, maybe it was a good wake-up call for Agents to start performing better, which is definitely needed against the better teams.


1 star:

The “Agents-Stargiving-Committe (ASC)” unprofessionally promised one member a star or two during the game (totally against the rule, sorry for that). And since the committee is an organization sticking to their promises - here we go. One star - Sami “the Mastermind” Ilonen. Reason? THE SHOT. Mitä ampui! (dont blame me if google translate is wrong) From mid line - the mastermind raised his stick - looked at the goal and BAM - the rest is history. Straight up in the corner of the goal. The audience was shocked. The team was shocked. Tarja Halonen was shocked. Even Sami himself was shocked. From that moment on Sami was shooting from everywhere with his great slapshot - keep doing that! You probably have the best slapshot in the league.

2 stars:

This guy got one star in the last game - and he stepped up even more. Tom “the hybrid” Piggott. Without your performance during 1st period Agents could easily be down by 15-20 goals (ok maybe a bit exaggerated but you get the point). You even psyked the opponent on the penalty so much he didnt even hit the goal. Great performance Tom - you really made a difference in the chaotic first period.

3 stars:

(warning! This might be the most serious star given so far!)

Sometimes the best performance is not the best shot, the best dribble or the nicest pass. Floorball is more than stick-handling or extraordinary saves. In order for Agents to reach the stars we need team members going the extra mile, doing something outside of the field.

For two games in a row this member didnt play a single minute of the game. STILL, he left his woman and small child at home, travelled to Utrecht last weekend and to the Hague this weekend being a moral support for his beloved team. Even though Agents leading 6-1 in the middle of the 2nd period he pushed his teammates telling us to step up when we are performing bad. Any sad faces for not playing a single minute? Not at all! We are very lucky to have not only one, BUT TWO so great goalies in Agents both on and outside the field. Congrats Joel, you truly deserve the 3 stars for your attitude!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Agents first period - what was that? We can really do better...



Ulle 4+3

Jasper 2+1

Sami 2+0

Tobi 1+1

Jo 1+1

Joonas 1+0

Kerry 0+2

Johannes 0+1

Jeroen 0+0

Thomas 0+0

Jurgen 0+0

Merten 0+0


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