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Matchreport: Agents reaches semifinal in Cup


When: Saturday late afternoon 19 jan in Utrecht (back on the third verdieping!)

Result: 13-3 Agents win - Agents reach semifinal

Lineup of the day:

Tom in goal, Joel taking pictures. Sami, Joonas, Jasper, Kerry, Jonas, Jeroen, Thomas, Tobi, Ulle, Jurgen, Merten.



Tilburg being quite a new opponent made it a bit hard for Agents to come up with a strategy. What tactics should Agents use? Play offensively? Park the bus and focus on defense? Mastermind-coach Sami chose to play something in between - focus on both defense and offense. What a genius move.

1st period started off a bit slow with some chances from Agents but also some dangerous counter-attacks from the hungry opponents from Tilburg. People on the bench started being a bit nervous. Could it happen that Agents would leave the prestigious Nefub Beker Nederlandse Loterij Cup in the second round already? Could the hard fighting Tilburg do something that no-one though could happen - beat big brother Agents Amsterdam?

The nervously kept growing and growing... Until 9.30 in the 1st period. Let me present to you - Kerry Murphy. Give this guy a pass - he will give you a goal. While other players with less technical skill would receive the ball and think what to do - this hybrid american-finnish dude just shoots straight away. BAM! 1-0 for Agents (creds to Sami for the pass). The period went through with a easy-todo-goal from Tobi after a genius pass from Ulle and another goal from Tobi after another unselfish pass from our great come-back kid Jasper. Rumors say Tobi is very thankful for the great un-selfish, smart passes from Ulle and Jasper. After a total of 3-1 to Agents in the first period Agents went out to the dressingroom for some talks.

2nd period was the period of goals. Agents basically let loose and started scoring numerous goals from different players. Somewhere in the middle of this period Tilburg started to loose hope and the nervousity from the beginning went away. A red card (does anybody know why?) for Tilburg lead to a bit of turbulent period with a 5 min powerplay for Agents, combined with a 2-min penalty for Agents another 2 min for Tilburg and another 2 min for Agents… and we are all confused what really happened....AAANYWAYS - the period ended with a comfortable 8-2 lead for Agents.

3rd period is the most documented period in Agents history. Our great goalie from last week, Joel, took up his high-end Samsung Galaxy 13s with extra lens, optifier 13x, magnifier ISO 130001 and filmed almost the whole period (please see FB Agents Men WhatsApp Group). Thanks a lot Joel - you might get a star for this later. And what about the Game? Some beautiful goals signed by the van Rijsselt brothers, some great saves by our excellent British/Dutch star Tom and a shot in the bar by the angry LeftWing Ulrik Jonsson (rumors say he screamed "FAN" - actually confirmed through a video). At around 19.30 the game was over and Agents are through to the semifinal after a comfortable 13-3 win. Great job everyone!

1 star:

What do you get when you mix the dutch directness, the British politeness and someone born in the 90s (or are you even a 2000s Tom??)? Tom Pigott. This hybrid - out of this world- goalie did a extremely safe and calming performance in this game. The first period could have ended with a Tilburg lead - but NO it didn’t. And thats mostly thanks to you Tom. Thank you! Don’t ever leave us. Please don’t.

2 stars:

Jasper Meijer. For every period you are able to play - Agents are eternally grateful. It’s been a tough period for Agents when you have been gone due to the injury. Now you were back for 2 periods - and it makes the heart of an old man warm to see you what you do best, play floorball. Floorball is a teamsport - and you exemplify that, you make it fun again! Please don’t ever get injured again. Ever. Don't ever leave us. Please don’t. (okey, I copied the last part from the 1 star…sry)

3 stars:

I spin you once, I spin you twice, I spin you trice, I spin you fourthice (Tom, how do you say 4 times in english in a cool way?). Who am I talking about? You know the answer. Jeroen “the 3star of the day” van Rijsellt. This guy - you just laugh about his skills, what can you say? He spins, he passes, he scores, the guy is just ridiculous out there. What a game you did. Thanks to you people actually come and watch floorball in the Netherlands. Just keep doing what you are doing - its an honor to have you in the team! Love u.

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

The Cafeteria/Joonas Villannen. After a long drive from Amsterdam, poor Kerry wanted a sandwich from the cafeteria and sent Joonas to buy one. Did he get it? NO - they were out! For next time - please Utrechthall, fill up your kantine for important Agents members wanting a sandwich. (Sidenote: there are suspicions that Joonas was just too lazy to go there and just made up this story…)


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