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Last year 38 mens and ladies teams from 12 countries (and players from 19 countries!) spend a sunny weekend in Amsterdam while playing high level floorball games. The most entertaining city in the world combined with high level floorball is a blend that cannot go wrong. A summer weekend with great floorball! The tournament will be hosted by the Amsterdamned committee together with Floorball Club Amsterdam Agents. The weekend 12-14th July will be the weekend to remember as teams from all over the world head to Amsterdam.


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Time and Place

Time: 11-14th July 2019. 
Location: Sport Hall Zuid in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Some more Information:



Men - big field
Ladies - big field
Note. Mixed teams and swapping player are not allowed!


Number of teams

We can accept 28 male teams and 12 ladies teams.

Amount of games

All teams will play a minimum of 6 games, some teams going to the finals will play 7. All teams will play 2 games on Friday, so make sure you book travels accordingly. Games start on Friday at 10am.



1) The standings in a group are determined based on:
- number of points (3 for win of a game, 1 for draw), if equal;
- goals scored minus goals conceded, if equal;
- goals scored, if equal;
- result of direct match between the teams, if equal;
- less bench penalties, if equal;
- draw by the organization


2) Tying a game is accepted in the group games but if a game is tied after regular playing time in a PLAYOFF game there will be a penalty shootout, starting with 3 shots for each team. If its still tied, penalty shooting continues one at a time (in the same order and with the same 3 players that has already made one attempt) until one team scores a goal and the other team misses (sudden death)


3) Playing time is NOT effective. In other words, time will not be stopped when the ball is out of play. The Exception is in the final where the last 3 minuts will be effective time. Likewise time-outs are not allowed in any game but the final where both team have the right to take one time-out.


4) If your team has not arrived and/or are not ready to play 5 minutes after the official game start you will lose the game 5-0, so please be there on time!


5) In the case of teams having the same dress colors, the one listed as the away team in the official match schedule is obliged to change shirts.


6) The games will be played according to official IFF rules if not mentioned otherwise in the above rules. This also means according to new changes that the ball can NOT intentionally be passed to your own goalkeeper.


7) In situations where none of the above rules apply, the organization has the right to decide.

The tournament will be played according to the valid IFF rules with the exception that there will be no team timeout in the group matches.



€ 315,- per team
Registration is only confirmed once the tournament fee payment of € 315,- has been received. The following rules apply for refunds when teams cancel their registration:
- Cancelation until 15th of March: FULL refund 
- Cancelation between 16th of March and 31st of April: 50% refund 
- Cancelation after 1st of May: NO refund



As every year, Amsterdamned 2019 matches will also be refereed by top level international referees.


Table duties

For those of you who have not played Amsterdamned before: We need all teams help with doing table (game secretary) duties. Now, the good news is that you only do it after you played a game in which you were the away team. This means that you only need to do the duties 1-2 times on Saturday and likely 1 time on Sunday. I very much appreciate your help here. There will be instructions available on the table, its really very easy job and a good way of getting the best seats for other games.



The best 3 teams in Amsterdamned 2019 in both categories will receive a trophy and medals. There will also be an award for "Awesome at Amsterdamned", which is a price that any team can win no matter the game results.



After the games on Friday there will be a Barbeque for hungry and thirsty players. This year the party will be at Macy's (same place as last year) which is on walking distance from the hall.


Massage/physio therapy

During the tournament physio therapy students will be giving free (for a small tip) massage and help injured players.



The participating teams/players are NOT insured by the organizers. General travel insurance is recommended for all participating players.


Camping: the camping closest to the sport hall is camping Het Amsterdamse Bos. It is located approximately 10 min by car from the hall. Have a look at the following site for the complete list of campings in and nearby Amsterdam.


Hostel: The hostel with the most bed space (600 beds) in Amsterdam is the Hans Brinker Hostel. In recent years many tournament teams have took advantage of this hostel. It is ideally located right in the center (close to Leidseplein) and is a good place to see the city as well as get to the tournament venue either with rented bicycle or public transportation.


Another good choice is Vondelpark Stayokay hostel. It has about 500 beds at disposal any time of the year and is located very centrally overlooking the main park in Amsterdam and also very close to Leidseplein square:


In addition to these choices the best overviews regarding Hostels can be found at and

Not all Hostels are prepared to take bigger groups but if you are coming with about 10 people there should not be any problems.


Hotel: If you are prepared to pay a bit more for more comfort there are of course a wide variety of Hotels to accommodate your team. A few good links for Hotels are:


If you have any questions or are in need of assistance to find accommodation, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that it is not possible to sleep in the sports hall.


Amsterdamned is played in the sport hall Zuid in southern Amsterdam, right next to the Olympic stadium. Facilities in the venue are really good for Floorball and the location is easily reached from either Amsterdam or other cities. If you come by a car, parking spaces are available nearby the sport hall.

If you stay in Amsterdam, trams and other public transportation will get you there easily. Naturally the best and fastest way to get around in Amsterdam is always by bike. It is a pretty good idea to rent a bike for the tournament weekend, but be aware to lock your bicycle properly. Out of around 600,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, 100,000 are stolen every year.


Sporthallen Zuid 
Burgerweeshuispad 54 
Telephone: 020 305 8305


Public Transportation


From Centraal Station 
Bus 170 (direction Mijdrecht, stop IJsbaanpad)
Bus 171 (direction Mijdrecht, stop IJsbaanpad)
Bus 172 (direction Mijdrecht, stop IJsbaanpad)
Tram 24 (stop IJsbaanpad)


From Muiderpoort and Amstelstation

Bus 15 (direction Sloterdijk, stop Stadionplein, 10 min walk)

From Bijlmer, Duivendrecht or W.T.C Station

Metro 50 (direction Isolatorweg, stop Amstelveenseweg)


From Station Sloterdijk

Metro 50 (direction Gein, stop Amstelveenseweg)


For more information about public transportation in Amsterdam have a look here.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


For pictures and videos, visit our facebookpage: Amsterdamned Facebook Videos & Pictures!

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If you have any questions regarding Amsterdamned 2019 Floorball Cup please let us know. We are working hard to make your tournament weekend an event to remember.

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Amsterdamned Floorball Cup has been organised since 2005. To see past winners, results and stats please click here.

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