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Apart from trainings and parties, we participate in some serious competition as well. We have a Men’s and Women’s team, both playing for many years in the upper part of the highest national league. These games are played on Saturdays.

Currently both mens and womens are playing in the highest league in the Netherlands. 

FB Agents Ladies (’18/’19)

The ladies are a combination team with The Hague (HSK).

Ladies Team 17_18.jpeg

Dorothee Vogelesang

Saskia Hesebeck

Nizette Couzy

Lisa Sipma

Emma Bloemhof

Danmi Lee

Faybienne Kollau

Frederieke Vlieg

Liene Krauja

Barbora Sahánková

Lonit Peeters

Coline Touranche

Anna Kijlstra

Henna Maatta

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