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Congrats Utrecht! Agents lost :(


When: Saturday may 19th 2019, 17.00 in Zuidhallen Amsterdam (home ground!)

Result: 6-9 loss for Agents against UFC Utrecht 1

Lineup of the day:

Goal: Tom

Defense: Sami - Jasper - Johannes - Marian - Joonas - Merten

Attack: Ulrik (Marian)-Tobi-Emil, Tino-Jeroen-Thomas (Jurgen)


Thanks to our awesome Agents member Guus - the whole game can be seen on youtube on the following link:

Don't miss next weeks final:

When: Saturday 25th May 16.00

What: League final 2019

Who: UFC Utrecht vs. Amsterdam Agents




Bekers finale 2019 between Amsterdam - Utrecht, the highlight of the year! After a long cup-season it was finally time for the el-clasico of Dutch Floorball between the two giants: FB Agents and UFC Utrecht. As expected the crowd was wild this saturday afternoon after a full day of kids games in this historical hall in the south of Amsterdam. First of all - Agents wants to give a huge THANKS to all organizers of this day and to all the people coming watching the games. Both Utrecht and Agents greatly appreciated the great amount of fans cheering and screaming - it was the perfect set-up for a final.

Interested in how the game went? Here we go!

1st period:

We all knew this would be a high-tempo game. But not THIS high pace - WOW! From the first second both Utrecht and Agents gave 100 % fighting every second and in every duel. This created loads of chances both ways - typical Utrecht/Agents who want to please the audience by playing fun aggressive floorball. A perfect example of the dutch “Total Football” that made the dutch elftal in football famous during the 1974 World Cup - that has now been carried over to floorball. Agents star Jeroen van Rijselt started by satisfiying the audience by scoring the first goal after less than 4 minutes whereas Utrecht scored 1-1 less than a minute later. From a Agents point of view - the 1st period was a good one but unfortunately we didn’t score on our chances which Utrecht did - leading to a 1-3 lead for Utrecht after 1st period.

2nd period:

Utrecht started 2nd period with having a powerplay. Not good for Agents. Utrecht is known for having the best powerplay since the Soviet KLM line in the 80s (for you who dont know, we are now talking about ice hockey - read more on They obviously took the advantage and scored 1-4 after only 19 seconds in the 2nd period. But then - Agents came back after two great performances by Emil scoring 2-4 at a breakaway and getting a penalty shot that Jeroen beautifully scored leading to only a 3-4 lead for Utrecht. The last half of the period went a bit back and forth in front of the screaming audience ending the period with a 4-6 lead for Utrecht. Agents went back to the lockerroom and got ready for the final period - with great hopes of performing a comeback in the 3rd.

3rd period:

3rd period started out with many chances both ways but no scoring - this was really the moment where Agents could have turned it around and make it an exciting end to this finale. Unfortunately Utrecht did not let that happen - within a few minutes in the middle of the period they scored 3 goals leading with 9-4 with only 9 minutes left. Agents did a heroic attempt trying to recover by scoring two goals in the end but it was not enough. UFC Utrecht brought the groete beker-pokale back to Utrecht - just like last season.

Tot slot:

UFC Utrecht is the giant of dutch floorball. They have speed, shooting skills, passing skills, running skills, loads of sponsors on their jerseys. Basically they have everything! Utrecht deserved to win this game and as always - Agents love the challenge playing Utrecht and it is always a great fight.

Next saturday is the finale in the league, again a battle between Agents and Utrecht, but this time on Utrecht homeground in the south of the country. Agents need to get used to the warmer temperatures in the south and the thinner air since Utrecht is based on +2 meter over sea level whiles Amsterdam lies on -4 (Not confirmed, but kinda true?). See you next saturday Utrecht - and be prepared for a battle!


1 star:

Tom “the hybrid” Piggot.

Agents chose to again put the hybrid in goal - and he did a great game. We have played Utrecht many times and we know how dangerous they are in front of goal and with their direct shots - Tom stopped the vast majority of these shots. Thanks to Tom the game was exciting to the end! (okey, to 11,31 in the 3rd period at least)

2 stars:

Emil “the fisher” (people from gothenburg are fishermen) Romare.

Agents flew in Emil from Copenhagen for this final where he watched Mumford and Sons LIVE the day before - and it was definitely worth it! He came with a chartered limo straight from Schiphol to Zuidhallen delivering a great game with two goals and getting one penalty shot for Agents. That included with some heroic fighting always being a threat to the skillful Utrecht defense. Bring those two stars back to Götaplatsen Emil and celebrate with your fellow fishermen!

3 stars:

Tino “the guy with an excited dad” Väntähenenenleinen.

Did you also wonder who that excited guy with the Finnish accent was in the crowd? So did we - until we found out it was Papa Vänteleinen! Papa Väntaaalaeinen took a Finn Air-flight straight from Vaanta to Schiphol to watch his son play in this final - and we are all sure he’s happy about it. What a day for a dad seeing his son performing such a great game. Tino scored, passed, did changes, drank water, changed grip on his stick, did everything in a perfect way. (okey, maybe not the grip-changing…). Great job Tino, you are the floorball version of Kaapo Kakko (a bit older though…) Enjoy the 3 stars Tino!

Extra star for the day:

Agents star-giving-committee would like to give out an extra star to Agents-hero Jasper Meijer. Jaspers work is SO vital for Agents that he deserves a mentioning. He was a big reason why this day was so great, organizing so much with the kids tournament, organizing the board set-up and doing so much work for Agents off the field. The amount of work Jasper put on Agents is just wonderful and really needs to be appreciated by everyone - thanks Jasper!

Verbeteringspunt van de dag:

Tino - use gloves next time you change grip on your stick…



Emil 2+0

Jeroen 2+0

Marian 0+0

Tino 1+1

Sami 1+0

Tobi 0+0

Johannes 0+0

Joonas 0+0

Jurgen 0+0

Jasper 0+0

Ulrik 0+0

Merten 0+0

Thomas 0+0


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