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Agents gets silver in the 2018/2019 season


When: Saturday may 25th 2019, 16.00 in Utrecht

Result: 2-5 loss for Agents against UFC Utrecht 1

Lineup of the day:

Goal: Joel

Defense: Sami - Joonas, Johannes - Jasper, Miko

Attack: Ulrik -Tobi-Emil, Tino-Jeroen-Marian, Jurgen




The last game of the year and also the final between Utrecht and Agents in the league 18/19 final. And just like last year and the cup final last week - Utrecht came out on top with a 5-2 win in this tactical and tight game. In opposite to last week this game was a game of defense with few goals made from both sides and a very solid defense from both teams.

A short summary of the game:

1st period:

A very tight first period only containing one goal from Utrecht in a period where Agents defense worked very well. Even though Utrecht had a few minutes of powerplay - they didn't score any goals in this form which Agents should be very proud of. Offensively Agents should have scored a few goals, but did not manage to get through the high-performing goalie of Utrecht.

2nd period:

This was Agents period from start until end. A perfect defense combined with 2 goals from Agents made the game look very promising for the 3rd period. (If the outcome would have been better, this blogpost would also have been longer and more detailed... )

3rd period:

Again a tight 3rd period where Utrecht (unfortunately..) managed to score on their chances leading by 3-2 until a few minutes were left of the period when Agents got a powerplay and a perfect opportunity to equalize. Agents did, however, not take this opportunity but let Utrecht score in boxplay 4-2 and then a finishing 5-2 when Agents put all their resources on offense. A very very very tough loss for Agents who did a great game but didn't get the result desired against a very well-playing team from Utrecht. Again - congrats Utrecht and see you next year!


1 star:

Johannes Matsson

1 goal equals one star. Plus a great work in the back gives Johannes this one star in this last game of the season.

2 stars:

Jeroen van Rijselt

Jeroen showed no respect to this great Utrecht team and did a great performance both offensively as in boxplay. 1 goal from Jeroen plus many created chances - great job out there!

3 stars:

Agents defense.

We played a very tactical smart game where we gave Utrecht less chances than previous games - really nice to see!

A last note..

Thanks everyone for a great season which unfortunately didn't end the way we wanted. But it has been loads of fun and we will be back even stronger and better next year. An extra HUGE thanks to coach Sami who has lead us during this season but now is moving back to Finland in the summer. We hope you come back and watch a few games for next year! See you all in the 19/20 season!

And as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "We'll be back!" (Or is it Ill be back..? doesnt matter, you get the point...)



Jeroen 1+0

Johannes 1+0

Marian 0+1

Emil 0+0

Tino 0+0

Sami 0+0

Tobi 0+0

Joonas 0+0

Jurgen 0+0

Jasper 0+0

Ulrik 0+0

Miko 0+0


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